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Norm Mitchell reads from The Hidden One, Book One in the People of the Blood saga


The Hidden One, Book One in the People of the Blood saga, is the story of Ashley Cooper. The tale begins in 1962 after the violent death of Ashley’s lover, Olga, who was also his Russian Lit professor, and a Russian émigré from Paris. Before he has the chance to recover from that tragedy, death strikes again and Ashley’s stepfather, Colonel David Cooper, dies. Ashley’s stepmother, Ronnie, decides the time has come for him to learn the truth about his identity. It’s a journey he shares with his daughter, Annie, who has recently discovered she has uncanny psychic abilities. Together, they embark on a mission to discover their new family, the mysterious Iskandarovs.

People of the Blood is what Mitchell calls a metaphysical, historical, political thriller. “I’ve always been fascinated by Russia, the Balkans and Eastern Europe,” he says. “A lot of the history in the book includes things I already knew about; but I also did a lot of research to make the story historically accurate.”


Norm Mitchell retired from a long and successful career as a financial advisor and consultant in 2013. After traveling for a while, he decided the time had come for him to once again work on the novel he had started writing some 20 years prior.

The first draft of People of the Blood was over 700 pages long. Mitchell and his writing mentor, Ian Graham Leask, publisher, at Calumet Editions, decided to break the story into two parts. Book one begins in 1962 and is set in Boston, New York and Paris. Part two of the book, The Iron Cage, will be set in Russia.

A lot of questions raised in Book One will be answered in the second book,” says Mitchell, who adds that the focus of Book Two will be searching for proof of Iron Cage and on how Ashley’s new family, the Iskandarovs, came about.

In addition to writing and his fascination with history, Mitchell also enjoys reading, biking, listening to music and following politics. He and his wife live in Golden Valley, Minn., a suburb of Minneapolis.



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