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The Dead Lands (Compact Disc)

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Ben Percy’s gleefully gruesome new thriller blends together American history and dystopic futurism into a strong brew of  adventure and fantasy. Lewis and Clark escape the confines of post-war, post-plague St Louis (aka, the Sanctuary), in search of a better life in Oregon. I was irked at myself when I left The Dead Lands at home and couldn’t read it on my lunch hour. It’s that good.

— David


In Benjamin Percy's new thriller, a postapocalyptic reimagining of the Lewis and Clark saga, a super flu and nuclear fallout have made a husk of the world we know. A few humans carry on, living in outposts such as the Sanctuary the remains of Saint Louis a shielded community that owes its survival to its militant defense and fear-mongering leaders.

Then a rider comes from the wasteland beyond its walls. She reports on the outside world: west of the Cascades rain falls, crops grow, civilization thrives. But there is danger too: the rising power of an army that pillages and enslaves every community they happen upon.

Against the wishes of the Sanctuary, a small group sets out in secrecy. Led by Lewis Meriwether and Mina Clark, they hope to expand their infant nation, and to reunite the States. But the Sanctuary will not allow them to escape without a fight.

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ISBN: 9781478986164
ISBN-10: 1478986166
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: April 14th, 2015
Language: English